Tecvina is an international brand of Truong Thanh Mechanical Heat Joint Stock Company, based in Vietnam and established in 2008. The founder of the company is Mr.Duong Duy Thoi, a mechanical engineer who has worked as a mechanic in the textile and chemical fields since 1978.
In 2008, we found a company named Truong Thanh to provide mechanical services such as steel storage tank fabrication, precision machinery, and factory exhaust systems, which we have kept developing till now. In 2020, Truong Thanh has started a new field in sheet metal forming. We bought CNC machines to supply custom metal enclosures. In 2022, Truong Thanh launched a new brand named Tecvina to export our products to international customers. 2023 is the year we build a second factory of up to 6,000 m2, with three floors dedicated to sheet metal fabrication and steel storage tank fabrication. The diversity of our capabilities allows us to excel in producing large production runs of custom metal fabrication as well as smaller quantities or prototypes. When a new factory is operated at the end of 2023, ISO 9001:2015 will be a certificate that is applied along with 5S, Kaizen, or LEAN.

The products we make are delivered to many industries, including:

  • Chemical
  • Textile
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Military


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