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Factory Exhaust System

Using custom exhaust ducts, removes hot air and pollutants from your factory space, leaving a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable work environment.

  • Removes hazardous heat, smoke, fumes, and chemicals
  • Removes hazardous heat, smoke, fumes, and chemicals
  • Removes hazardous heat, smoke, fumes, and chemicals.
  • Removes hazardous heat, smoke, fumes, and chemicals
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    A solution for production facilities with excess heat and pollution.

    Using a series of custom-built air ducts, the ducted factory exhaust system removes contaminants and heat from specific areas of your factory and directs them outside. This enables your operations to take place in a cleaner, more comfortable, and safer working environment.

    Effectively extracts:









    Designed Exclusively For You

    Our design engineers recognize that each workspace is unique. Before providing you with a professionally designed exhaust duct system that is optimized for your working environment, they consider many factors, such as your operations workflow, machine types, physical obstructions, etc.

    Effective Extraction

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    The factory exhaust system is propelled by either an Axial or Centrifugal industrial-grade performance fan, depending on the static pressure and airflow requirements of the exhaust duct design. Our design ensures that there is always sufficient suction power to remove heat and contaminants.

    Effective Extraction

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    Capture and contain smoke and vapors produced by metalworking processes such as welding, grinding, and cutting. Combine the ducted exhaust system with our Centralized Fume Collector system to contain these contaminants and prevent unwarranted environmental pollution.
    Built to reduce pollution and enhance the health and welfare of the surrounding environment.

    Our Customers

    Design, Installation & Service

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    Expert Design

    Our team of designers and engineers has over two decades of experience designing factory conditioning and ventilation systems.
    The objective of every Waterline design is to assure human thermal comfort despite varying climatic and environmental heat challenges.

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    Professional Installation

    Our installation teams rigorously adhere to the Tecvina Standards & Safety guidelines to ensure the safety of the customer's building, equipment, and personnel.
    On request, installation can be performed during non-production hours so that the customer's operations are interrupted as little as possible.

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    After-Sales Service

    "Tecvina is adamant that every component of our factory exhaust system should always be operating at its maximum capacity.
    "We have a dedicated service team that provides continuous system maintenance and replacement of parts to ensure our customers' utmost satisfaction."

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