Suppose your factory or manufacturing unit requires storing the bulk of chemical substances or fluids at various stages of the refinery process. In that case, you cannot miss out on this post to avoid potential hazards and losses. Storage tanks come in a number of shapes and sizes, and so do specialist chemical storage tank manufacturers.
Chemical storage tanks are not new, but having an understanding of their different types will help you choose the appropriate one for your needs. Because chemical storage tanks are a crucial part of a chemical plant. They can store a wide range of chemicals that are used for various purposes. Furthermore, these tanks can be made from different materials, such as steel, aluminum, or concrete.
So, let us have quick snapshots of different types of chemical storage tanks along with their brief specifications.

Why should you use the chemical storage tank?

Chemical storage tanks can help you in several ways, for example:
Mixing the chemical
Chemical Processing
Static storage
All about Industrial Storage Tanks: Specifications, Features, and Types
All about Industrial Storage Tanks: Specifications, Features, and Types
For transporting raw chemicals
For Transporting finished chemical products

What are industrial storage tanks made of?

There are various types of materials used to manufacture chemical storage tanks. The fundamental materials to build storage tanks vary depending on the type of material that you store.
In order to prevent any leaks from the tanks, a containment dike is built over the tanks after taking into account the safety standards. Liquids are able to evaporate or spill even through the smallest of openings, so ensure the tanks comply with the highest care and consideration.
Sand bitumen mix finish is used to support the tanks to keep the bottom clear of water, therefore preventing corrosion. The tanks should be protected from corrosion to avoid harming the environment. Some of the renowned chemical storage tanks that Arvind Anticore pioneers are:
Polypropylene Pickling Tanks
FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) chemical storage tanks
Thermoplastics Chemical Storage Tanks

What industrial chemicals can you store in chemical tanks?

Specially designed storage tanks for chemicals are appropriate for storing the following chemicals:
Liquefied natural gas (LNG)
Petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, petrol, etc.)
All about Industrial Storage Tanks: Specifications, Features, and Types
All about Industrial Storage Tanks: Specifications, Features, and Types
Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)
Crude oil
Sodium Hydroxide, Propylene, Nitrogen, and many other chemicals are also stored in industrial tanks. For those unaware, more than 150 million tons of ethylene (C2H4) are produced each year.

Features to look for in chemical storage tanks

You want to make sure that the chemical storage tanks that you are going to employ at your unit consist of the below features.
Manufactured in compliance with German DVS standards
Safe handling
Corrosion resistant
Lightweight and durable
A smooth inner surface which means lower sludge formation and lower cleaning costs
Easy installation
Safe for the environment

What shapes of storage tanks can you find?

Different shapes and designs of chemical storage tanks are available on the market. Therefore, industrialists should choose a tank according to their industry and needs.
Vertical storage tanks
Horizontal tanks
Square storage tanks
Vertical cylindrical tanks with flat/conical/ dished bottom
Rectangular tanks
All about Industrial Storage Tanks: Specifications, Features, and Types
All about Industrial Storage Tanks: Specifications, Features, and Types

Industries using chemical tanks

So far, we have discussed several crucial topics on this blog with the purpose of expanding knowledge among readers and professionals in a variety of manufacturing industries about special storage tanks. Now comes the most critical question: What industries use or need these chemical tanks?
Well, here is the list:
Colors and Dye
So, now you know what chemical storage tanks are for, what types and shapes you can find storage tanks in, as well as which industries utilize them; it is time you apply the knowledge.
If your industry or manufacturing unit needs a storage tank for pickling or any other purpose, Arvind Anticore is the right place to come. We are a leading FRP and other chemical storage tank manufacturer and can provide you with a storage tank with unique and customized features set.


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